Tell Washington: STOP the Attack on Christian Business Owner’s Freedoms

Christian businesses are under attack like never before. You’ve heard it:

  • The realtor accused of violating fair housing for putting a scripture on her website
  • Christian businesses denied their Constitutional freedoms

And the list goes on … but YOU can do something about it! YOU can help stop this.

TOGETHER, we can stop this, which is why we need your help, as a Christian business owner, to send a STRONG message to Washington:

Christian Business Owners will NOT stand for unjust government interference anymore.

We are going to Washington and we need 10,000+ signatures from American, Christian Business owners NOW.

This is your chance to fight back. This is our chance to stand together as one voice, and say, NO, we will not allow our constitutional rights as Americans and Christians to be jeopardized anymore.

Will you fight back and stand with the thousands of other Christian business owners?



of 10,000

Dear Lawmaker,

We are asking you to pledge your support to uphold the rights of Christian business owners to operate without undue government interference, according to the convictions of their faith. By standing with us, you stand with the fundamental laws and principles of the First Amendment of the US Constitution, a document you vowed to defend when you took office.

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